We are sorry that you find yourself in need of roof repair work. We know this is always an unwanted expense or something forced upon you by a storm. We will help you process your insurance claims and get you taken care of quickly and at a reasonable price. We know that when you need roof repair work you need it done sooner rather than later. Just call us and we will quickly set up an appointment to come to your home and do a thorough free inspection and provide a free written estimate.


We will do a thorough inspection to make certain all of the damage is identified so when you file your roof repair claim you can be certain all of the damage has been fixed.


Generally, if damages affect over 25 percent of the surface, replacement is recommended. The cost of repairs to that large of a section and the chance of recurrence would make replacement a wiser choice. Recognizing a severe problem isn’t always easy for homeowners, which is why you trust in experienced roof contractors. Some issues are quite clear, like a branch that has punctured the surface or several leaks penetrating into your living space. Others may not be.


Our company employs only detail oriented people using the highest quality materials companies which will lead to a durable long life. We strictly adhere to all St. Louis roof repair codes for contractors and companies as well as all national roof repair codes and best practices for contractors. Our company firmly believes in quality customer service both before and after the project.