For many property owners, storm damage repair isn’t a cost they were prepared to pay. While your insurance may cover damages due to weather, insurance companies often deny claims based on the time elapsed since the damage occurred and other seemingly trivial reasons. Our team can help you through the process and give you a better chance of having your claim accepted. In many cases, our clients have only had to pay the cost of the deductible.


We have a Haag Certified insurance claims inspector on staff. That means we have rigorous, science-based training in identifying damage. We are held to the industry’s highest standards. You should accept nothing less when it comes to your home or building.


The insurance claims process can be frustrating for a home or building owner. If you need emergency roof repair, the last thing you want to worry about is a battle with your adjuster. Hail and wind can cause tremendous damage, but they can also cause hidden problems that surface much later as leaks.

Waiting too long to file a claim can cause the company to deny you coverage. That is what many people do, especially after a hail storm because the damage doesn’t always look bad
but the storms can scour off protective coating on shingles or dent metal. Both can lead to leak problems in the future. Call us as soon as possible for an inspection as well as emergency repair.


With our help, you may only need to pay the cost of your deductible for replacement or repairs. Even if your surface is old and worn, insurers are often willing to restore it completely. This reduces their own risk in the future. But it is important to get the guidance of an experienced, local roofer so nothing is left to chance.

We provide a free insurance claims inspections  and estimate. We document everything we see carefully. One of our team members will even walk the surface with your insurance claims adjuster and show them where storm damage repair is needed.