Your home’s roof is a large surface area that collects rain water and drops it where you least want it, on your landscaping and along your basement walls.  In some homes, this can lead to a wet basement, possibly causing mold and mildew. It can also lead to premature erosion or pitting of driveways, and sometimes damage wooden thresholds, patio doors and decks.  Even if you don’t experience these problems, you may want gutters simply to keep water from pouring on you when you walk in or out of you front door.


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The most common gutter size on residential homes and small businesses are 5 inch gutters and 2”x3” downspouts. This size gutter will handle just about any amount of water that drains off smaller roofs. Larger 3”x4” down spouts can be added in areas that require more water drainage. Larger homes, steep roof designs, commercial buildings and pole sheds often have 6 inch gutter systems. Larger roofs that drain large amounts of water need a gutter system that can catch and drain the rain water more quickly. Usually 6 inch gutters are paired with 3×4 inch down spouts. The larger gutters and spouts will displace large amounts of water quickly, which makes it a great system for larger roofs.


Seamless aluminum gutters that are professionally installed are the most attractive and most durable system available.  You’ll get years of maintenance free use from your gutters.  Since the gutters are formed to length at your home, there are no seams. If the front of your house is a straight 60 feet, you will have a seamless 60 foot gutter. There are no nails or screws punched through the face of the gutter.  We can offer a variety of colors to match your house.