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  Storm damage repair can correct leaks and other problems quickly after severe weather moves through your community. We offer same-day emergency repair to prevent problems from getting worse with time. We are Haag Certified and offer 10-year labor warranties.

   When you need storm damage repair, it is likely due to hail or wind. Both can cause serious problems for your surface in a matter of seconds. Both shingle and metal roofing are vulnerable to their effects. We will perform thorough inspections and will even assist you with insurance claims.


   Hail will affect shingle and metal roofing. Shingles are protected from the sun's harsh UV rays by a mineral granule coating. But hail can beat against the shingles and pound the coating away. This leaves the surface exposed to the sun. It will become brittle and weaken, eventually becoming prone to leaks. In some cases, repair may not be enough.

   Although some insurance companies will claim that hail damage to metal is purely aesthetic, it can actually result in serious consequences. The pock marks and dents left behind from hail serve as little cups that can hold water against the metal surface. Eventually, the material can deteriorate and leaks will form. When you suffer storm damage of any kind to any type of material, contact a residential roofing contractor you can trust for roof repair.


   When roofing is installed, it is almost always done in layers. This helps your surface to shed rainwater and melting snow. But high winds can slip under the edge of your shingles and peel them up. If wind tears materials off your home, you should seek storm damage repair immediately. The exposed underlayment is more sensitive to leaks and could cause extensive damage quickly.

   Wind can also turn rocks, trash, and tree limbs into wind-blown debris. The impact from these objects can cause denting and sometimes puncture the surface. One of the easiest ways to prevent the need for storm damage repair is through maintenance. Do not leave limbs and other debris on the surface of your rooftop. This gives moisture a place to hide. The excess water against your materials can cause them to weaken, rot or grow mold.

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