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Leak Damage

   Leak repair should be done by an experienced roofing contractor to ensure that the problem is fixed permanently. When a leak is obvious, some property owners may try to fix it on their own. But if it is not done right, water could continue to penetrate over time and cause irreparable damage. Let us do it right the first time.

   Residential roofing can stand up to a lot of extreme weather and poor conditions when maintained well. But even the most immaculately maintained shingle or metal roof can suffer from water penetration. Some of the most common causes of a leaks are: Storm Damage, Poor Maintenance, and Age

   Wind, rain, and trees can cause big problems for your surface. When a major storm hits, leaks often follows. High winds can pull off materials leaving your underlayment exposed. Sometimes when materials are blown off, it can pull up the nails that they were attached with and tear holes in the underlayment. This gives water a direct shot into your home. Tree limbs can cause problems rain or shine.

   During a storm, winds can blow branches around and cause them to scrape protective coatings off of shingles. This may not cause a leak right away, but it will create a weak spot that will leak over time. Heavy rains and wind can cause weakened limbs to fall. Typically, these limbs will not cause any problems if they are cleared away after the storm. Leaving debris to pile up can hold moisture against your surface. You may need leak repair and mold clean up if they are allowed to stand for too long.

   Metal roofing can be vulnerable to sharp impacts from branches and limbs. While most dents are cosmetic, some can allow water to stand which is an added vulnerability. The older your surface is, the more prone it will be to water penetration. If you’re calling more than once a year for leak repair, you may need to consider roof replacement.

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