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Types of Roofing Damage

  While storms are the most common cause of damage, your home could be suffering from other issues. Our company has seen all types of damage, We can help restore the surface and protect your home.

  Old Age - No roofing can last forever without maintenance or repair. While asphalt shingles can last from 20-50 years and metal can last even longer, they will eventually begin to deteriorate. Even with excellent maintenance, they will begin to become plagued with leaks. Repair can help stop the leaks temporarily, but you will need a contractor to eventually perform a careful replacement.

  Poor Maintenance - You have invested a lot into your home and the roofing is its main line of defense against rain and wind but many homeowners neglect it. Low hanging branches can scrape against the mineral granule coating causing de-granulation exposing the surface to the sun. Fallen debris like leaves and limbs left on the surface can trap water against the shingles causing mold and rot. It can even attract insect infestations. If the damaged area is contained, repair may be able to resolve the issues.

  Poor Installation - From a poorly calibrated nail gun to general inexperience, some companies either don’t know or don’t care enough to install or repair a roof right. Poor installation almost inevitably leads to leaks, deterioration and loss of materials. We will be the contractor to fix the problems left behind and ensure you will not have to worry again.

  Mold - Mold is a serious issue. It can begin to develop on the surface when debris is left to sit. Leaves, limbs, and sticks can hold moisture against your materials creating a breeding ground for mold. It can also weaken the area and allow holes where water and fungus can get inside your home. Airborne spores can rapidly spread a mold colony and quickly take over the wood decking, the attic, and your ventilation system. Depending on the severity of the situation replacement may be the only option. When we install a new surface, we will ensure that it has proper ventilation to help decrease the possibility of future mold colonies.

   Insect infestation - Debris can also provide a home for nasty insects like ants and termites. While ants may just be a nuisance, termites are destructive. They can eat away at the wooden decking and move onto other structures in your house. Replacement can restore the integrity of your home.

    Degranulation - Asphalt shingles have mineral granule coatings that protect them from the sun’s UV rays like a sun-block. With the coating, the surface would become weakened and brittle. Subtle impacts like small hailstones can riddle your rooftop with leaks. Low-hanging branches can scrape away the coating; hailstorms can beat them away. If you’ve noticed black granules near your downspouts, you may have an issue. Through an inspection by one of our contractors, we can determine the extent of the problem and whether it warrants replacement.

  As a Haag Certified residential inspector we have the experience and the credentials you can trust. We guarantee your satisfaction and offer a 10-year labor warranty to back it up. We will even help you with an insurance claim for your repair. Contact us today for a free inspection.


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