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   Metal roofing is one of the strongest and most long-lasting surfaces you can put on your home. We can repair, replace, and install a type that will complement your house. We back our work with a 10-year labor warranty so you can be confident in your choice.

   Metal roofing offers so many benefits. It is lightweight, so it can be placed on any home without added reinforcement. It is strong enough to resist wind lift up to 120 mph. Thicker, insulated types also stand up well to hail. Its smooth surface sheds snow and ice easily, preventing ice buildup in the winter. It resists fire and insects too.

   Reflective type metal can keep you cooler in the summer and darker colors can keep heat in during the winter. We use strong insulation barriers to help you save up to 25 percent on your utility bill. To create a strong barrier, it must be installed properly. Not just anyone can do this type of work. We are Haag Certified inspectors and we work with top manufacturers like Tamko.

   Steel, copper, and aluminum are the fastest growing segment of the market. That is not just because it is strong but also because it comes in so many styles. Available in steel, aluminum, and copper, it is great for both low and steep slopes. The pieces are cut to fit your dimension, so you can count on one of a kind looks.

   Standing Seam Metal Roofing – Panels are laid vertically side by side with either exposed or concealed fasteners. The panels are joined at the sides with a locking system that forms a ribbed seam. The elevated fasteners are kept away from pouring rain, which helps keep the interior dry. We also add a water barrier and insulation to protect your home even more. This type provides a solid feel and modern touch to your home. The coatings will not chip or crack and last for decades.

   Metal Roofing Shingles – This is a great idea if you like the look of tile or slate. Unlike heavier materials, it is lightweight and doesn’t need expensive structural reinforcement. And unlike wood, it will never rot or sustain insect damage. It mimics the real thing and can last for well over 50 years with very little maintenance.

   Although metal roofing is strong overall, some types can be pockmarked by hail. Usually this is a cosmetic issue, but some impact can damage edges or hold water. Call us for a free inspection and we’ll let you know whether it needs fixing. Another possible issue is loose fasteners. These can allow wind underneath and lift the panel up. We will check the security of your surface and repair it if needed. We also handle insurance claims.

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