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   When you need a commercial roofing contractor call a local company with multiple certifications. We repair, replace, and install all major types, both sloped and flat.

   Sooner or later you’ll need commercial roofing services to keep your building secure from our fierce weather. We can look at your installation, determine its condition and help you come up with an action plan to restore or replace it.

  Flat roofing, the type you find on most buildings, is prone to problems. It can develop cracks from a cycle of icy winters and beating sun. Building movement can also cause cracking. Many low-sloped surfaces also have sagging areas that hold water, a condition known as ponding. Other prime leak spots are edges and the flashing around HVAC and vents.

   We offer free commercial inspections that will pinpoint weak areas and stop water from intruding. This is vital to your business because moisture can do so much damage to your investment. It can rot structural supports and damage equipment. It can cause mold that poses a threat to worker health. Catching problems early will save you money.

   Depending on the material, age and environment, a building’s rooftop can last a decade or a lifetime. You can make it last longer by addressing small problems before they cause an expensive headache. We have science-based training to find damage, and our insurance claims specialists can help you navigate the inspection process.

Commercial Installation

   Enhance your buildings weather resistance, looks, and energy efficiency by starting fresh. We provide replacement of all types and can help you weigh the pros and cons of each. Built-up is an economical choice that is proven to last for decades. Single-ply, such as TPO and EPDM, roll out smooth and seamless to eliminate leak points. Modified bitumen offers the water resistance of built-up in single-ply rolls. Metal is a lightweight choice that also offers iconic looks and sun reflectivity. Let us help you retrofit or replace your surface in a way that meets your budget.

   Before we do a commercial installation, we carefully check the structure underneath for soundness. Any place two surfaces meet needs heavy duty flashing or sealants and we make sure fasteners accommodate the movement of the building from temperature changes.

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